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it's really that simple. This is the 21st Century. You don't always need to visit the property to make a determination on whether you can perform the service or how much it will cost.

don't make a habit of making a visit


a visit when you need to, not before

together we could save


tonnes of CO2 emissions

each month

in London alone, just think what we could do in every city on the 


we make it 


by using the power of


(and other messaging apps) to determine the


before you waste a



How might in work in say a council?

  1. Tenant sends a message to the housing authority highlighting an issue. Say they have a mould problem in the flat

  2. FloQuote gets it and sends back a message automatically asking for the tenant property details to identify them and some images and videos of the mould (taken directly from their phone)

  3. FloQuote links to the Council database and logs the message, allows the internal procedures to take it from there or it can go back to FloQuote so it can send out Requests for Pricing (RFP) from the Preferred Supplier List

  4. The PSL contractors have the video and pictures of the issue and send back the estimated price back to the council in a standard format. The council decides which one to allocate the job to and gets the best price or whatever other criteria is used for purchase

  5. Happy tenant, happy contractor, happy council, happy planet

Why do I need it?

If you are big enough, FloQuote could save 

of €$£

and help you to meet your targets for 



Join these customers

Housing associations and councils

We've made a special page for how you might use FloQuote software to address your issues in housing, tenants

and council life in general. Meeting net zero targets, empowering tenants, keeping your safety and duty of care commitments, introducing diversity into the supply chain, attracting business form small as well as large contractors, making cost savings. You can achieve and make headway with all these challenges using estimating software that integrates with your existing supply and fulfillment software and your CRM. 

Come and speak to us and find out how we can help you.

'I was making 5 visits across the city every day for quotes and winning on average 1. I now make 1 day of five visits and I win 4 out of 5.

My only regret is that I wish I had this product before.'


Charlie Angel


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