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How can FloQuote can help the electric car charging network?

20% of EV chargers don't work

With failure rates for EC chargers averaging 1 in 5 in the US alone and up to 40% in some areas due to vandalism, software issues and glitches, the charging network will be the death of the electric car revolution.

'Been ranting about this today. Such an infuriating situation and getting harder not to think this is deliberate policy by BP'

Robert Llewellyn, famous actor and EV evangelist


in fact the no. 1 reason for not buying an electric car

'worry about finding a charging point when it's really needed'

that was from a 2022 study from EY consumer index


So why don't they just fix them?

As of 2023 there are around 49,000 chargers in the UK alone. With so many issues from vandalism, to software issues, damage and breakages there are just so many of them with so many different problems.

When it comes to repairing them how do you prioritize limited resources, what do you bring, how can you speed up the whole process?

Maybe there is an answer... almost everyone has a smart phone right?

Why not

leverage the power of


(and other messaging apps) to determine the


by empowering the ev owner


to show us what the issue is

without sending anyone at all?


So how does this work?

  1. Each charger has a WhatsApp QR code

   2. If there is a broken or vandalized charger the EV owner can scan the code and send a        message along with a picture and or a video

  3. Immediately FloQuote knows where the EV charger is located            and has a video of what the issue is

  4. Now you can diagnose the issue, prioritize it based on location and allocate a specific          team to repair the EV charger - without even visiting!

  5. Happy EV drivers, better use of resources, more working EV chargers with lower costs        to repair. What's not to like?

And don't forget! You could

of €$£

and help you to meet your targets for 



Electric Vehicle charging companies 

Talk to us about how we can use our FloQuote software to address your issues in EV charge repair and maintenance. Empowering your customers to help you diagnose and repair your EV charging Network. Meeting net zero targets, reducing traffic and congestion, making cost savings and providing a better service.


You can achieve and make headway with all these challenges using our messaging aggregation and enablement system that integrates with your existing supply and fulfillment software and your CRM. 

Come and speak to us and find out how we can help you.

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