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How can FloQuote can help housing associations?

FloQuote can help keep families safe

housing associations, charitable housing trusts, councils, joint ventures and social housing all have a responsibility for the safety of their tenants and to ensure that their housing issues, especially their health and safety, are addresses in a timely manner.

safety is paramount in council housing


but with more than  2 MILLION


council houses in the UK


of which have issues with, for example, mould

how can we possibly assess all of them?

there just isn't enough resources

to get an assessor to each property

so, almost everyone has a smart phone right? or access to email?

Why not

leveraging the power of


(email and other messaging apps) to determine the


by empowering the tenant


to show us what the issue is

without sending anyone at all?


Here are just some of the issues facing housing associations

1) A requirement to meet environmental targets and reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2030

2) A requirement to keep the tenants safe

3) A requirement to diversify the supply chain and allow small businesses to work with local government

4) A requirement to improve procedures, keep records of issues, how those issues were addresses and solved

5) A requirement to reduces costs, increase efficiency and yet provide better service

Fundamentally to do much more for much less

How can FloQuote help with all this?

1) If FloQuote was used for an initial assessment instead of a visit by a contractor, an assessor or an outsourced 3rd party the 333 local authorities could reduce the CO2 output by thousands of tonnes per annum

2) Tenants would be empowered to take responsibility for documenting issues they have with housing, informing the correct authority and reducing the cost to the council of documenting and assessing these issues themselves

3) FloQuote's unique approach to standardising estimation for repairs, maintenance and new tenders allows small businesses to access council contacts and for the councils and housing associations to realize the cost benefits of utilizing smaller operators

4) FloQuote will enable a visual record of the condition of a property to be kept permanently, a record of those issues, an audit trail for how the issues were addressed

5) A significant reduction in costs can be realized by opening up the supply chain to competition and helping those companies to reduce their own costs that can be passed on to the councils with cheaper procurement for repairs, maintenance and implementing new projects


Let's give you an example of how this might work

  1. Tenant sends a message to the housing authority highlighting an issue. Say they have a mould problem in the flat

  2. FloQuote gets it and sends back a message automatically asking for the tenant property details to identify them and some images and videos of the mould (taken directly from their phone)

  3. FloQuote links to the Council database and logs the message, allows the internal procedures to take it from there or it can go back to FloQuote so it can send out Requests for Pricing (RFP) from the Preferred Supplier List

  4. The PSL contractors have the video and pictures of the issue and send back the estimated price back to the council in a standard format. The council decides which one to allocate the job to and gets the best price or whatever other criteria is used for purchase

  5. Happy tenant, happy contractor, happy council, happy planet

FloQuote could save 

of €$£

and help you to meet your targets for 



Housing associations and councils

Talk to us about how we can use our FloQuote software to address your issues in housing, tenants

and council life in general. Meeting net zero targets, empowering tenants, keeping your safety and duty of care commitments, introducing diversity into the supply chain, attracting business from small as well as large contractors, making cost savings. You can achieve and make headway with all these challenges using estimating software that integrates with your existing supply and fulfillment software and your CRM. 

Come and speak to us and find out how we can help you.

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