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How we got here

We have been involved in Field Service Management software since 2014. Robert set up a software company to help service enterprises that were drowning in paperwork and bogged down in antiquated, time consuming business practices.

During the Covid-19 pandemic where trades people were not allowed to visit clients, something was needed to enable companies to keep trading and building a pipeline of customers on projects for when the pandemic ended. It was a logical step for a client to send in images and videos of what they needed done in the home or business without anyone needing to visit. It worked really well however, managing the client details and the information, copying and pasting into other systems or even emails became almost as time-consuming as the visits.

So we decided to take all of that information and use technology to parse it, catalogue and turn it into a pre-built estimate ready for sending back to the client instantly.

It was a neat idea. And the government thought so too..

About Us: About Us

Our Mission

We want nothing less than a complete change to the way estimates and quotes are carried out across Planet Earth. Lofty ambitions but here’s why.

Service companies and tradespeople should be paid for their expertise and advice which is often given away at the visit stage. Bizarrely this cost is incurred by the service provider and not the client. Eventually we hope that a visit will always entail a cost passed onto the customer for the service provided and the advice imparted.

It costs money to make quotes

Visiting clients takes time and cost businesses money. The cost of these wasted visits is paid for by the clients who actually purchase the service. Saving this time and money would result in better services for everyone and reduced cost.


Many millions of tons of CO2 would be saved every single day without these time-wasting visits and that is better for everyone.


There are 4 Million vans and 32 Million vehicles on the roads in the UK alone. Even a small reduction resulting from having one mobile estimator instead of three would result in a reduction of journeys across every city, every single day.

We won funding

From the UK Government

We applied for funding. We beat thousands of companies and won a grant from The Sustainable Innovation Fund, part of The UK Research and Innovation Department.

They gave us an 88% rating. Specifically we matched these criteria:

  1. To help reduce the impact of business on the environment

  2. Sustainable and innovative enough to be a viable product

  3. Skillset and management experience to deliver the project in the required timescales

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About Us: Our Team
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