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A short video...

In its most basic application, FloQuote allows you to make a fast estimate to send out to your potential customers so you can qualify them before you waste a lot of time and money.

But it can do a lot more than that.


to meet potential customers and give them a free quote before qualifying them to see if they will even buy your service.

time is your most
valuable asset


if you want to make more money


Don't go anywhere until you have 


that lead. Make sure they are 


before you jump in the van and you may save yourself a


we make it 


by using the power of


(and other messaging apps) to discover their budget 


before you waste a



How it works in real life

Here's what the application looks like in real life. You can see how easy it is to use and perhaps see an application for your business.

Have a watch.

How does it work?

  1. Customer sends you a message asking for a service

  2. FloQuote gets it and sends back a message asking for the customer contact details, description of what they want done, some images and videos

  3. Customer sends info and FloQuote formats it all into an estimate instantly. All you need to do is add the figures and press the button to send it back to the client


That’s it. Relax, watch TV, play with your kids – you just saved yourself an awful lot of time.


Why do I need it?

If you can't see how this could

of €$£

and give you hours of wasted time

back then 

move along. there's nothing to see here

Join these customers

Who uses it?

Small and large businesses, estate agents, consultants, personal trainers, anyone who works from home, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, landscapers, insurance assessors, floor layers, builders, architects, construction contractors, restaurant owners, recruiters, accountants, car sales people, mobile massage services and masseurs, 
mobile beauty therapists & hairdressers, hoteliers, .painters and decorators, property maintenance companies, kitchen fitters, security consultants, removal services, waste removal companies, scaffolders – anyone who provides an off-site service where they make visits to potential customers to give estimates and quotes.

'I was making 5 visits across the city every day for quotes and winning on average 1. I now make 1 day of five visits and I win 4 out of 5.

My only regret is that I wish I had this product before.'


Charlie Angel


I still don't understand

OK, so let us make it even simpler.

All your messages, all your communication with your customers or even you potential customers can be done in FloQuote, all in one place.

You will never miss a message, you won't have to check multiple messaging platforms and you can respond to the messages for your cell, mobile, tablet, laptop or pc.

All your Facebook Messenger (Meta) messages, Whatsapp, text / SMS, emails, Viber, Telegram, Signal, IMessage, WeChat and soon Slack and LINE.

And if you want to at that point you can send them an estimate for the work from one of your pre-built templates. You don't have to go that far. But if you do, from that point afterwards you can link FloQuote to your Xero account for example, to send an invoice or take a payment.

Using our Zapier integration you can link FloQuote to hundreds of other software applications to help you schedule customers, take payments, send invoices, take notes, link to your databased, literally anything you want to do.

Who uses FloQuote?

Personal Trainers

Transform the way you communicate with your clients and they will love you for it.


Get easy estimates and pricing to potential clients without ever visiting them.

Mobile hairdressers

Communicate with your clients and schedule appointments easily, make it easy to manage changes.


Get pricing and estimates for your services over to potential clients instantly 

Estate Agents

Empower your lettings agents and sales agents to communicate with clients directly and quickly.


Stop spending hours travelling to people who will never buy your building services. Qualify them!


Get those new roles out to the right candidates immediately and get there response back.


Quotes for boilers and heating engineering work can be done remotely with FloQuote.


Tradespeople can qualify the customer before they spend time visiting to quote on site.

Handyman services

Want new shelves? Send me a picture, I'll tell you howe much it will cost - without having to visit!

Waste removal

Get a picture of the waste to remove and get a quote for how much it will cost immediately.

Insurance assessor

Don;t visit, get them to send a video. Now you can see the damage and cost accordingly.

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