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As a Tradesperson What Are The Advantages of Using Quote Software For My Business?

It’s no secret that the construction industry is facing tough times. According to the Construction Industry Research Council, the industry is expected to create 5 million job openings by 2020. This coupled with an uncertain economy could mean that finding qualified tradespeople will be a challenge for your business in the near future. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find solutions to this problem. In this article we will discuss why quote software is one of the best ways for any Tradesperson-oriented business to manage their costs and stay competitive in today’s market. We will also discuss how quote software can help you as a Tradesperson, so keep reading if you are also interested in learning more!


What is Quote Software?

Quote software is a type of business management software that can be used to schedule jobs, manage workers’ schedules, track project progress and generate invoices. In other words, it can help you manage your business more efficiently, reduce waste and lower costs. There are many quote management software options to choose from, but not all software is created equal. Before you choose a quote management software, it’s helpful to understand the core features that make up a high-quality solution:


- Flexibility: It’s essential that your quote management software provides you with enough flexibility to meet your business’s specific needs while also keeping you within budget.


- Ease of Use: Even if you choose a quote management software with the best features, it’ll be completely useless if you can’t use it. Make sure the software you choose is easy enough for you to operate efficiently.


- Reliability: In order for your quote management software to be as useful as possible, it needs to be reliable. A software that is constantly crashing or not functioning as expected is a waste.


- Backup: No matter how reliable your quote management software is, if your computer crashes, it’s all gone. Make sure your software comes with a reliable backup solution.


Why Should You Consider Using Quote Software?

As we discussed, quote software can help any Tradesperson’s business manage their costs, find and manage workers and generate invoices. What we haven’t discussed yet is why you should even consider using quote software in the first place. There are a few reasons why quote software might be a better fit for your business than a paper-based system. These include:


- Increased Efficiency: According to a report by the Centre for Economic Performance and the London School of Economics, a paper-based system can result in an efficiency loss of up to 30%.

Furthermore, quote software can help you identify and eliminate inefficiencies within your current workflow.


- Better Quality Results: With a paper-based system, it’s possible that your workers will be a little lazy and not follow all of the guidelines as closely as they should. This can lead to lower quality results and even more hassle from your end. However, with quote software, this problem is virtually eliminated.


- Reduced Risk of Error: As we discussed, if your workers are slacking off, the quality of your results can be negatively affected. However, with a quote management software, you have a clear overview of the project’s progress and can therefore identify and eliminate errors that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.


How Quote Software Can Help Your Business

Now that we’ve discussed why you should consider quote software, let’s explore how quote software can help your business. - Produce Invoices: The first step to being an effective and efficient Tradesperson is collecting payment for services. If you don’t have an invoice system in place, you will have a much harder time collecting payment from your clients.


- Manage Projects: The more you rely on quote software to manage your projects, the less time you’ll have to spend managing tasks by hand. This can mean more time spent on the tasks that you actually enjoy, like designing and building the things your clients actually want.


- Work with Clients: One of the best ways to grow your business is to find new clients who can rely on you to deliver great work. You can do this by networking with other businesses who are also looking for Tradespeople and sharing your knowledge of quote software.


- Maximize Efficiency with Workers: You can’t expect to hire new workers and keep up with the pace of work if you don’t use the software to manage your current workers’ schedules. You’ll also be able to identify and eliminate inefficient, redundant tasks from your workflow.


- Maximize Efficiency with the Project Manager: With quote software, you can better manage the project manager’s role within your team. You can do this by better acknowledging their role and responsibilities.


Finding and Managing Tradespeople with Quote Software

In order to find qualified tradespeople, you’ll need to advertise your job openings and post job details on job boards, listing sites and other online sources.


As you’re posting ads and creating job listings, it’s a good idea to include a link to your online quote management software. Doing so can help you manage the workflow associated with posting ads, generate quotes and collect payment for work.


Having an online quote management solution can also help you manage your workers’ expectations and prevent any unnecessary misunderstandings. For example, you can create a standard rate for each job, clearly define any restrictions and include a detailed job description.


Disadvantages of Quote Software for Tradespeople

Now that we’ve discussed why quote software might be a good fit for your business, let’s talk about some of the disadvantages of using quote software.


- Cost: Depending on the quote management software you choose, quote software could cost you thousands of dollars. - Technical Skills: In order to use quote software effectively, you’ll need to have some familiarity with computer code.


- No Paper Trail: If your computer crashes or gets infected with malware, quote management software will be completely gone.


- Change in Workflow: As you begin to use quote software, you may notice a change in the workflow associated with projects. This may be an issue for some Tradespeople, who may prefer to operate without any changes.



Despite the challenges posed by the current construction industry climate, you can still find solutions. Thanks to the growth of quote software, managing your projects and workers has never been easier. Having an online quote management solution can help you manage your projects and workers’ schedules, produce invoices and find qualified tradespeople. However, it’s important to note that software isn’t a “silver bullet”.

But with that in mind it certainly won't hurt to give FloQuote a free quotation software application a go.


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