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Top 5 ways to get client reviews for your service business

The most effective way to acquire more customers for your home service or construction company is by gaining reviews from previous customers. According to a study by Trustpilot (2020), 89% of customers contact reviews prior to buying a product or service.


According to a survey by Brightlocal (2020), 79% of respondents said they trust online reviews as much as personal ones. People are more inclined to trust other people over what a company says about itself than what the company says about itself.


Reviews build trust, inspire confidence, and help customers purchase your services. Google is probably the best place to get a review as the reviews appear in the search and get presented to the client on the right hand side.

So, start the whole process correctly and professionally by using FloQuote free estimation software, of course ;)

1. Ask for a review

When you plant the notion of composing an evaluation, you might have to ask directly. Many customers may not realise how important a fantastic review can be to a company, so make sure you emphasise how much it would mean to you when you ask. According to one survey, 72% of customers who were asked to leave a review did so (Houzz Pro, 2020). And don't forget timing. It's key, ask them right after you have finished the project and you are more likely to get a favourable response.

2. Keep asking

According to Spiegal (2020), up to 80% of reviews originate from follow-up emails, so don’t be afraid to send a friendly reminder to your clients. It’s fine to encourage them politely and simply. The same study also indicates that if a product or service receives more than five reviews, its chance of being purchased increases by 270% - so don’t be shy about requesting! 

3. Make it easy for your customers

When leaving a review requires time and effort, it's important to make the process as easy as possible. You can make the process easier by including links to your review portal on your website, in an email follow-up, or in a newsletter. You can also make it easier for clients to find the review page on your website by including call-to-action buttons and pop-ups. If someone is at a loss for words, you can provide a few prompts such as “What problem did I solve for you?”. 

4. Offer incentives

You can offer small incentives like discounts, charitable donations, vouchers or freebies as motivation to leave a review. Ensure that you encourage clients to leave really honest reviews, not just positive ones. You may lose credibility and trust if you 'buy' reviews outright. 

5. Reply back to the review

It's critical to check your review website frequently and respond to each comment, whether positive or negative. Consumers at 89% (Brightlocal, 2020) are interested in customer service and how you respond to reviews, so be sure to take customer service seriously and show that you value their opinions and suggestions.


Thank customers for their positive reviews and let them know you look forward to working with them again. For negative comments, reply in a way that may turn things around. According to one study, 7 out of 10 customers changed their opinion about a company after the company responded to a review.

The best way to receive positive client feedback is to do a great job. With a solid foundation of excellent work and the steps above, positive reviews are sure to follow. 

And remember, it all starts with that first estimate sent via FloQuote

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