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Application software for appliance installers

Floquote is estimating software for appliance installers. If you run a company that repairs, maintains or installs white goods, kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, fridges, freezers or even commercial catering equipment then FloQuote is a software designed especially to help you with your quotes and estimates for repairs and installs.

Getting an estimate out to your potential appliance customer quickly means you win more quotes and you make more money.

Using FloQuote to do this means you also save time and the expense of actually visiting the client in the first place.

How FloQuote works 

It is so simple.

1) Customer sends a WhatsApp message asking for an estimate

2) You respond asking for a video of the floor in question

3) They send it and you use a template to make them a quick estimate for the cost

4) Then send it to the customer

Estimating software for appliance installers

So what are the advantages of using FloQuote for estimates instead of visiting?

Apart from the above where you save stacks of time, there is the cost of those visits. We have worked this out to a minimum of £70 or $100 for each one. Multiply that by the amount of estimates you do a month and you have saved a ton of money. Time, fuel, wear and tear on the vehicle, it all adds up.

Yes, quoting is expensive for a business and you need to ensure that you are only spending money to get a return on your investment.

Customers love it

99% of your clients don’t want to wait in for someone to visit to make a quote or estimate. They love the speed that you can get an estimate back to them, it makes you look like professional and efficient.

Almost all have of them have Whatsapp, some have Telegram, everyone is capable of videoing the room where the appliance is going end up or a video of what is or isn’t working on it as the case may be and then sending it over a messaging platform.

And you are doing your bit to save the environment and reduce traffic. Probably not your number one concern, but we really all have to do our bit, don’t we?

What are the disadvantages?

There aren’t any. Really, there aren’t. Of course, you are probably thinking – ‘Great, but I close the deals because the customers like me. People buy people! I am the appliance sales person in the City.’
Yes, this is true (probably..). But do you win every single estimate? Should you win ever single estimate?

No, you don’t and you shouldn’t either – if you do you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Because, we are not saying don’t visit your potential clients. We are just saying make sure that there is a good chance they are going to actually become a client before you drive across town to visit them.

FloQuote is really a sales lead qualification software. Qualify out the people who aren’t going to buy your appliance installation services before you invest a lot of time and expense driving across town.

Once you’ve sent them your estimate with a good margin on it and they agree in principal, now you can go and make that final assessment and secure the deal.

If you have a good feeling or you want to go and visit a client you don’t have to send every potential customer an estimate. If Buckingham Palace calls or the White House needs some new kitchen appliances – just go!

Message aggregator software for combining all message platforms in one

Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, Viber, Facebook Messenger, SMS text messages and email however, your client wants to communicate with you, FloQuote takes the message into one, easy to use screen.

You don’t have to use it for every estimate

And that means you don’t need to check several different messaging platforms to respond to clients- which means you will never miss a message from a potential client.

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