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Carbonize - The first carbon reduction crypto coin

FloQuote is not 'just' a messaging platform

AI customer response and smart estimation tool. It also has its own crypto-currency called the 'Carbonize'. Carbonize is a token that can be earned by everyone on the platform and Carbonize (CO2N) are issued to users every time they send an estimate. In effect the user gets paid for 'not' making journeys. This is because every journey not taken reduces pollution. CO2 emissions, greenhouse gases and other nasty chemicals that are not released into the environment.

Here is an example of how it works

Customer requests estimate.

FloQuote asks for their location.

User builds and sends estimate.

FloQuote works out the distance from the registered office to the clients address and assigns the relevant amount of CO2N tokens for not making the journey and saving CO2 emissions.

The Carbonize coins go into your wallet which is held in your FloQuote account

Carbonize (CO2N) can be traded on exchanges like any other Crypto currency for Pounds or Dollars..


Eventually, Carbonize will be linked to the carbon credits scheme and the value of the CO2N will increase as they are effectively Carbon Dioxide tokens.




To encourage you to keep up the good work Carbonize tokens will be awarded regularly to the most engaged users who save the most CO2 and greenhouse emissions.

  • Carbonize coins will be awarded every month to the user who has saved the most amount of CO2.

  • CO2N will be awarded to users who have the highest closing ratios.

  • An opt-in leaderboard will be displayed to show who is winning and FLOs will be allocated accordingly.

  • All this information will be made available as a feed and can be incorporated into your website to show the world how you are helping to save the planet!

So what's the big ide behind it all?

Carbon Dioxide is one of the main drivers of global warming. This greenhouse gas impacts largely on our atmosphere.

If carbon emissions keep growing like this, the climate will become even more erratic and we will some some very nasty changes to our environment. Animal extinctions, mass human migration, water wars, more poverty, greater wealth disparity and who knows what else. To preserve a livable environment, we must reduce carbon dioxide gas emissions to net-zero by 2050. As aware citizens, we also need to participate and take action with the government and businesses to transition to a low-carbon world.

FloQuote mailchimp 1.jpg

The FloQuote and Carbonize project is designed to encourage working people to help reduce carbon emission and reward them for that.

The project will allow small businesses and service enterprises to participate in the low-carbon world transition.

The idea is to reward users with CO2N tokens for saving carbon emissions by not driving to appointments to make quotes for potential clients.

We have designed and built the software to do this already.


Now we are going to add Crypto tokens (Crypto coins) to


fund and reward the users for using it. Tokens will be


awarded based on how much carbon dioxide is saved from


release into the atmosphere. Further tokens will be awarded


for engagement bring a gamification aspect to the software.


Let's try an example You are a landscape gardener. You have a meeting with a potential client 10km away from you. They want a quote. You don't know whether they have the budget for this project or just need a quick price so instead of driving there, you ask them to send a video and you give them an estimate instead.


So using the FloQuote platform instead of driving to your client, you saved (140x20) grams or 280 grams of CO2 emissions, assuming the round trip is 20 km. By choosing not to drive, you saved a lot of CO2 emissions and will receive (2800/10)= 28 CO2N tokens.

Now if the client is keen, then you go an visit them. But if they come back and say it's out of their budget, they have a cheaper estimate etc., well then you just saved an awful lot of time as well. It's called qualifying your potential clients - but that's another discussion.

Fundamentally, the goal is to make a better business for the user and increase profit but at the same time reward businesses for saving the environment and making the world a better place for everyone to live.

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